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the benefits you will gain from studying research postgraduate programs why choose HKUST to pursue your MPhil or PhD studies how HKUST research postgraduate programs will put you onto a promising path program offerings and admission details of Schools

Remarks: 1. The curriculum for 2020/21 Fall Term entry is subject to review. For students admitted in years prior to 2020/21, please refer to here for the PG Program and Course Catalog. 2. The program fees for 2020/21 Fall Term entry are subject to change without

Research Programs Master of Philosophy (MPhil) and Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Programs COMP PG Course List FAQs for New PG Students Taught Programs Master of Science (MSc) Program in Big Data Technology Program Catalog – MSc(BDT) Master of

HKUST offers both research and taught postgraduate programs in a wide range of disciplines, leading to graduate diplomas, master’s and doctoral degrees. Courses Students should acquaint themselves with the course requirements for their program of study

This one-credit course aims at providing research postgraduate students with basic training in teaching skills, research management, career development, and related professional skills. This course consists of a number of mini-workshops. Some department

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| Division of Humanities – HKUST Postgraduate Course Offering for Spring 2020 (Tentative) Under a policy approved by the Senate, exceptions to the general University policy stating that English is the medium of instruction will be permitted when the courses are

Multidisciplinary Course Course Code Course Title HMMA 5001 Fundamentals of Chinese Culture [C] Linguistics Course Code Course Title HMMA 5002 Chinese Historical Phonology [C] [PU] HUMA 5060 (6000G, 600G) Topics in Chinese Phonetics [C] [PU] HUMA

The letter code denotes either the area/program of study or the course offering department. Course descriptions are arranged in alphabetical order of letter codes. -The first digit of the number code indicates the academic level of the course while the last three

***Note: The list is for reference only and is subject to revise without prior notice. Forthcoming exchange students should always refer to the course timetable on the Student Information System (SIS) once they have their HKUST account activated or refer to this link.

Course Code Course Title Faculty SOSC 1150 Science, Technology and Work SHARIF Naubahar SOSC 1190 China and the World: China’s Development in Historical and Comparative Perspectives HE Wenkai SOSC 1200 Quantitative Social Analysis TANG

Course Code Course Title Faculty SOSC 5170 Systematic Methods in Qualitative Research HE Wenkai SOSC 5300 Critical Perspectives on Global Development SO, Alvin SOSC 5340 Econometric Approaches to Social Science Research II ZHANG, Jane SOSC

The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) CEF Institution Code 003 Institution HKUST CEF Course Code 22M01903-7 22L04013-A CEF Course Title MSc in Civil Infrastructural Engineering and Management Postgraduate Diploma in

About Department The mission of the department is to create an academic center of excellence focusing on the creation and dissemination of knowledge in the crucial field of marketing

Courses Credit-bearing Curriculum LANG5000 Foundation in Listening & Speaking for Postgraduate Students LANG5001 Postgraduate English for Engineering Research Studies LANG5002 Postgraduate English for Business and Social Science Studies LANG5010

Research Covering a wide range of expertise, our department receives international recognition and is especially acclaimed for its faculty’s research work in relations to China.

Document Delivery (from HKUST’s collection) – articles from the physical collection to your in-box Find Course Reserve materials by Course Name or Instructor (watch a how-to video) If you work as a teaching assistant, you may place course materials in Course

Course Description LANG5000 is for students who have not yet fulfilled the English language requirement of the University only. This course addresses the immediate linguistic needs of newly-arrived postgraduate research students. It is designed to raise their

Approved Course Grades (Postgraduate) Grades range from A+ to F. The grades C- to D-, and E, are not used in postgraduate courses. For the purpose of calculating the grade point averages, numerical grade points are assigned to each course grade, except HP

Programme Requirements Students must satisfy all of the academic and other requirements of HKUST, Strathclyde and CLP in order to complete the studies under the programme. All courses taken by student at HKUST and Strathclyde will be taught in English.

After you have accepted the offer, the University will then inform you the arrangement on hall application, and course registration etc. In addition, HKUST provides all-round support to help new students to adapt to university life. You may check out the First Year

HKUST will consider the suitability of candidates to receive the PGS while reviewing their application for research postgraduate programs. Q8. Do I need to take the TOEFL exam? As a general rule we require that all non-local students must take the TOEFL

HKUST Study Abroad – Inbound programs: Regular Exchange You can enroll in any undergraduate course as long as there are places available and you fulfill the course prerequisites and any other enrollment conditions prescribed for the course.

Borrowing Privileges Loan limits for different formats of materials: 10 for Media, 3 for Reserve and 1 for Kindle. Total loan limit is 80 items. Hold limit is 20 items. HKALL loan & hold limit is 15 items. Materials Loan Period Renewal 2, 3 Max. Loan Period Book 1 8

Postgraduate Grades Students receive a grade in each course in which they are enrolled. Grades range in equal increments from A+ to F (i.e. A+, A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C or F). The Pass, Ungraded (P) grade is given only for courses that are indicated in the

Students must complete 30 credits of coursework during the program and pass all the course requirements. In addition, students must attain a graduation grade average (GGA) of 2.850 or above (out of a scale of 4.3) as required of all postgraduate students at

6 credits from the Elective Course List or other postgraduate course(s) approved by the supervisor and PG Coordinator. Subject to approval from the PG Coordinator, students who have taken HKUST MPhil (ESPM) program will be granted credit transfer of up to a maximum of 9 credits.

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take one 3-credit course at Engineering School (non-IEDA) 5000 level or above take and pass PDEV 6770 Professional Development for Research Postgraduate Students take at least one 3-credit IEDA Special Topic or 6000-level course

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In addition to the General University Requirements, applicants for admission to the postgraduate programs should have completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering or a related field. Course Requirements Useful Information Catalog of Postgraduate Programs

With the permission of the course instructor, postgraduate students may enroll in a course as an auditor, who attends a course and participates in activities up to and including the writing of the final examination but not receiving a formal grade.

This program brings students up-to-date in the use of state-of-the-art technologies that are changing the way we work and interact in an increasingly interconnected world. It offers courses in a broad range of subjects in electronic engineering, and is deliberately

Postgraduate Admissions Well known internationally for our top quality taught and research postgraduate programs, Get a taste of HKUST We have a range of programs tailor-made for primary and secondary school students to develop their true talent and

School of Engineering, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is ranked World’s Top 20 in all Engineering Subjects. It is an alternative to

Postgraduate Program & Course Catalog The courses offered by the Electronic and Computer Engineering Department cover a wide range of modern technologies including wireless communications, signal and information, microelectronics, IC design, photonics

Admission Requirements Applicants for admission to the postgraduate programs should normally have completed a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering or a related Engineering field, and should also have a proven record of good

pass the one-credit LANG 5001 Postgraduate English for Academic Purposes course, though credit earned from LANG 5001 cannot be counted toward degree requirements. Students can be exempted from taking LANG 5001 by the department head or the postgraduate coordinator, based on students’ background and/or the HKUST Language Center’s English proficiency assessment

UG Courses offered in Fall Term 2019-2020 Course Code Course Title PHYS 1001 Physics and the Modern Society PHYS 1002 Introduction to Astrophysics and Astronomy PHYS 1003

The University offers a wide range of full-time and part-time taught postgraduate programmes, ranging from one to three years in length. They operate on a semester system and candidates’ academic progress is normally assessed by a combination of written